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The Science of Sticky Rubber” (Climbing)
Vibram, Five Ten and other rock shoe companies guard the recipes for their rubber compounds as closely as Coca-Cola. This is how they make them stick.

Cod Makes a Comeback—in Canada” (Hakai)
The Gulf of Maine cod fishery is collapsing catastrophically. A few hundred miles north, Canadian cod are thriving. Here’s why.

How a Company Famous for Mason Jars Could Help Get Us to Mars”  (Slate)
Your favorite jar maker also built the Hubble Telescope. And parts for fighter jets.

Engineering Climate Change Resilience into New York Subways”  (Eos)
New York City hopes it can protect critical infrastructure from the next big storm.

You already know bees make honey. But did you know they make it by puking back and forth?

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Outgoing congressman Rush Holt calls scientists to action” (ScienceNews)

Creature Power”  (ScienceNews)

Hydrogen made using sunlight, cheap materials” (ScienceNews)

Hominin skull discovery fuels debate about early human evolution” (EARTH Magazine)

Liquid salts break through armored bacteria on skin” (ScienceNews)

Fractals can catch cancer” (ScienceNews)

The Human Element” (Chemical & Engineering News)

Device Sniffs Out Black Powder Explosives” (ScienceNOW)

The Elements In Style” (Chemical & Engineering News)

May 12, 2008: Earthquake Devastates Western China” (EARTH Magazine)

An Ancient Melt Layer at the Core-Mantle Boundary?” (EARTH Magazine)

Microbes Living Inside Salt Could Provide Clues to Life on Mars” (EARTH Magazine)

Drinking Toilet Water: The Science (and Psychology) of Wastewater Recycling”  (EARTH Magazine)
Better get used to it. Clean, accessible freshwater is an increasingly hot commodity.

Podcast: “Stop-Gap Measures to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Speed limits on cargo ships could reduce their pollutants by more than half” (American Chemical Society)

Sahara dust brings rain and snow to California” (EARTH Magazine)

2! 4! 6! 8! STEM’s What We Appreciate!” (Under the Microscope)

Down to Earth with Stephen Sparks” (EARTH Magazine)

February 7, 2009: Deadliest Day of Fires Ever Recorded in Australia” (EARTH Magazine)

Finding India’s Missing Ground” (EARTH Magazine)

Carbon Sequestration Looks Low-Risk” (EARTH Magazine)

Nanoparticles Revitalize 150-Year-Old Mining Technique” (EARTH Magazine)

Nurturing Women’s Spatial Abilities” (Under the Microscope)

Mantle Plumes Drive Tectonic Movement” (EARTH Magazine)

Down to Earth with Nobel Prize winner Adam Riess” (EARTH Magazine)

Climate Change Brings Hopeful News for Venice” (EARTH Magazine)

Analogs Help Preserve Fossils” (EARTH Magazine)

When Sex Differences Matters: Reflections on the SWHR Conference” (Under the Microscope)

AAAS ENTRY POINT! Interns Showing NASA and Others Just How Good They Can Be” (AAAS)

Nova Scotia: A Driving Tour of Pangaea” (EARTH Magazine)

Greenland Has Long Been Saying ‘Goodbye’ to Settlers” (EARTH Magazine)

Breaking Up is Hard to Do” (EARTH Magazine)

Creating teamwork in Future Cities” (Under the Microscope)

Down to Earth with Deanna D’Alessandro” (EARTH Magazine)

Data Reveal Io’s Ocean of Magma” (EARTH Magazine)

Watch Out West Coast: Seas Are Rising” (EARTH Magazine)

Landsat Images Released to the Public” (EARTH Magazine)

Celebrating Women Chemists” (Under the Microscope)

July 9, 1958: Megatsunami Drowns Lituya Bay, Alaska” (EARTH Magazine)

Eighth-Grader Uncovers International Mineral Scandal” (EARTH Magazine)

Researchers Meeting at AAAS Urge Expanding Role for Women in Nanoscience” (AAAS)

Fault-Riddled Landscapes Attracted Early Humans” (EARTH Magazine)

New Old Impact Found in Australia” (EARTH Magazine)

Role models and camaraderie keep girls in CS” (Under the Microscope)

Of Culture And Chemistry” (Chemical & Engineering News)

Subaru, AAAS Join in Science Book Drive for High Schools in Washington, D.C.” (AAAS)

Mapping Dino Footprints in 3-D” (EARTH Magazine)

Dry Ice Shapes Martian Dunes” (EARTH Magazine)

More than Just Temperatures Affecting Arctic Ice” (EARTH Magazine)

Crossing borders with Curie and AAAS” (Under the Microscope)

My Favorite STEMebrity: Dian Fossey, primatologist” (Under the Microscope)

Listening to Landslides to Predict Their Movement” (EARTH Magazine)

Burping or Streaming Methane off Japan?” (EARTH Magazine)

Getting to Know ‘The Species Seekers’” (EARTH Magazine)

Science gets some pep” (Under the Microscope)

Down to Earth with Hope Jahren” (EARTH Magazine)

Smartphone App Measures Smog” (EARTH Magazine)

Mystery Continues Over Mars Lightning” (EARTH Magazine)

A conversation with Andrea Ghez, astrophysicist” (Under the Microscope)

A little radium goes a long way…” (Under the Microscope)

Addressing the challenges to gender parity in STEM” (Under the Microscope)

Opening up space travel to everyone” (EARTH Magazine)

Examining The Endeavor Of Science” (Chemical & Engineering News)

Radioactivity Research: A History” (Chemical & Engineering News)

A Conversation with Ava Pope, physicist” (Under the Microscope)

Experiencing the 2010 NSF Poster Session” (Under the Microscope)

Women, science, and ‘Lost’” (Under the Microscope)

Dark Matter Shapes Galaxies” (EARTH Magazine)

Assessing Venezuela’s Oil at Face Value” (EARTH Magazine)

Volcanoes on Venus? A scientist finds a clue.” (Under the Microscope)

Scientist invents new lens for sound waves” (Under the Microscope)

A conversation with seismologist Kate Hutton” (Under the Microscope)

Jill Tarter, devoted seeker: An Ada Lovelace Day tribute” (Under the Microscope)

Engineering marathon will span the planet” (Under the Microscope)

Oceanographer charts Atlantic garbage” (Under the Microscope)

Organic chemists synthesize success” (Under the Microscope)

Re: Science Envoys” (Research USA)

Re: Gene patents” (Research Europe)

Girls design a city of the future” (Under the Microscope)

Science a winner in Obama’s first year” (Research USA)

Re: No more moon shots” (Research Europe)

Girls are science heroes in PBS’s SciGirls” (Under the Microscope)

Top YouTube videos featuring women in science” (Under the Microscope)

Saturn’s Orbit Controls Titan’s Lakes” (EARTH Magazine)

Re: Resolution of disapproval” (Research USA)

Re: Purse Strings” (Research Europe)

‘Water Hazard’ Takes on New Meaning on a Golf Course” (EARTH Magazine)

Re: Open access” (Research Europe)

Female teachers’ math anxiety may rub off on girls” (Under the Microscope)

Top video talks from women in science, math and technology” (Under the Microscope)

Re: Copenhagen” (Research Europe)

Blogs you should be reading” (Under the Microscope)

Bird Disease Also Afflicted Dinosaurs” (EARTH Magazine)

Researcher aims to decode monkeys’ red chests” (Under the Microscope)

Women play key roles in climate-change talks” (Under the Microscope)

Planetary geologist helps identify first ‘skylight’ on moon” (Under the Microscope)

A conversation with Joanna Fowler, chemist” (Under the Microscope)

Experts debate why women are underrepresented in science” (Under the Microscope)

“Work by women scientists featured in exhibit” Part I – Part II (Under the Microscope)

Depression-linked gene may have advantages in Eastern societies” (Under the Microscope)

How a fungus kills frogs” (Under the Microscope)

L’Oreal-UNESCO honors skin researcher” (Under the Microscope)